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Journalism and Media Department


  1. Providing the Palestinian community with academically qualified and technically trained journalists to deal professionally with various issues and events on the local, regional and international levels, especially the crucial issues and events related to the Palestinian people.
  2. Saving the material effort for those wishing to study this specialization by combining the two fields in one department.
  3. Developing the students’ ability to think critically and to depend on themselves.
  4. Provide opportunities for the development of various talents of students in the fields of journalism and media.
  5. Providing graduates with the theoretical foundations and scientific assets of press and media fields.
  6. Enabling the graduates to understand the process of political communication and media as a guiding force in political life.
  7. Providing graduates with scientific and practical assets of political life.
  8. Providing graduates with theoretical foundations and theories of influence in an applied context to study the public opinion, the methods of measuring it and its impact on the course of political life.
  9. Improving constructive critical thinking of the graduate through research, discussion of crises and contemporary issues.
  10. Enhancing the skills of the graduate on how to employ the media in support of development projects needed by the Palestinian society in particular and the humanitarian community in general.
  11. Enabling the graduate to understand the Palestinian issue with its different historical and political dimensions on one hand and national and Islamic on the other.

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